Community Transport Tasmania
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Welcome to CTST

CTST is a state-wide Home and Community Care funded (HACC) Incorporated Association, funded jointly by the Commonwealth and Tasmanian governments to delivery community transport services.

The Client group serviced by CTST covers:
Frail aged over 65’s – funded by the Commonwealth government
Under 65’s and younger people with disabilities – funding by the Tasmanian government.

The services are delivered to clients by some three hundred and eighty active Volunteer Drivers across the state covering major centres and isolated rural areas.

Our business or service delivery model is based across the state comprising twelve separate districts, each staffed with a Transport Coordinator meeting the client transport needs of that area.

Each district has an allocated number of vehicles and a local supply of volunteers.

Clients make a contribution through a fee which is a distance based fee and is consistently applied across the state.

The CTST vehicle fleet comprises some seventy vehicles and ranges from sedans to large commuters.

Our Head Office is located in Hobart and represents our Corporate Headquarters.

As a business servicing an ageing population across the state of Tasmania we are constantly seeking new and additional volunteers and your support in this area would be appreciated.