Community Transport Services Tasmania Response to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

CTST is a COVID Safe Organisation

Latest Updates

Early this year, Community Transport Services Tasmania (CTST) strengthened their Infection Control Management Plan (ICMP) to include a response to the presence of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Tasmania.

The ICMP includes three escalation Levels to meet this challenge and to support our primary focus of safety. To best protect our passengers, volunteers, and staff, the management team meets daily to review the ICMP and to ensure the continual monitoring of government advice and all other relevant indicators that may initiate escalation.

CTST commenced a staged approach of Level 1 on 2 March 2020. This includes specific COVID-19 risk assessment, general health and hygiene, and communication including COVID-19 symptoms awareness education.

Level 1 means we have added COVID-19 specific assessment to the booking and confirmation process. This will include questions regarding interstate or overseas travel, symptoms, and contact with known COVID-19 cases.

CTST has now moved to Level 2 effective immediately.

Additional to the measures of Level 1, Level 2 will include:

  • No transport bookings will be taken for people who have travelled into Tasmania or had household members travel into Tasmania (overseas or interstate travel) within 14 days preceding the booking date.
  • Only essential transport services will be provided (e.g. medical, pharmacy, food).
  • All group social outings will be suspended until further notice.
  • While CTST will significantly reduce shared transport (multiple passengers in a vehicle), we will advise of shared transport instances and provide our passengers with the opportunity to cancel if they prefer.

As the COVID-19 situation develops, Level 3 is likely to be implemented within the coming weeks. This will involve further suspension of services or may include all CTST community transport services being suspended.

Lyndon Stevenson
Chief Executive Officer

16 March 2020

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