CTST Social

CTST offers a range of social outings for our over 65 consumers. If you or a loved one would like to get out more, see more of the state and have more fun then why not take part in a social outing in your area.


The outing dates available for each area are colour coded by region.
Check the list of suburbs in the calendar for your region, which will tell you which colour corresponds to your home address suburb.

Bookings phone 1800 781 033
or email outings@ctst.org.au

Summer Social Outings

Click on the name of your region below:





Greater Launceston — The social outings in the Greater Launceston area are extremely popular so we pick up from different areas on different days of the week to ensure as many people as possible get the opportunity to go on an outing. It also improves the travel times/duration for both passengers and drivers improving safety and comfort. We introduced this as a trial last season and the feedback we have received has been very positive. 

North East Region — For those in the North East of the State, participation in Greater Launceston outings is dependent on destination and if we can get you from your home to the Mowbray office on the Scottsdale bus prior to departure.

As with everything we do, CTST would love your feedback on the Spring 2019 Social Outings calendars. Please send any comments or suggestions to feedback@ctst.org.au